Selected clips

I’ve covered everything from biofuels to the brains of soccer players, but focus on the intersection of science and medicine. These clips showcase the range of my work.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Clues into how dormant cells come alive

Phage find clever ways to infiltrate resistant bacteria and shuttle DNA between strains


Do I make myself clear? Media training for scientists

Spectrum: Autism Research News & Opinion

Genetic risk factors for autism may affect family size


Pharmaceutical sector: Delicate transition

Innovation: The big idea of technology transfer

Single cell analysis: The deepest differences (Tech feature)

Renewable energy: Making fuels for the future

Egg freezing enters clinical mainstream

Train the brain for successful soccer

Nature Medicine

HIV researchers show virus the door

Cancer drugs find a companion with new diagnostic tests

Federal court raises the bar for overturning patents

Boosting our best shot (with Swine flu agitates the adjuvant debate and Illuminating alum)

Four years on, clinical partnerships program proves worth & Tool kit for translational research

FDA initiative may crack wall of secrecy (and associated editorial)

Matchmaking service links up researchers to wallflower drugs

Q and A with Christopher Murray, director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle

Ten influential people to watch in biomedical policy

Bone seems susceptible to range of drugs

Blogging: Elections, vaccines, Oprah, Obama, and kayakers stuck in inauguration ice – all here in my posts from Washington, DC for Spoonful of Medicine

Nature Biotechnology

Q and A with Steve Reed, head of a not-for-profit biotech company in Seattle

Science News

Mass extinction’s toll (A feature story in 2001 on a topic that now has mainstream attention)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Search just begun for genome secrets (front page story – a blast from the past!)